Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Reviewing SQL Server threads on the UT

The Universal Thread has a few online forums that I monitor from time to time. In particular, I read selected Foxpro and SQL Server threads (and sometimes DotNet as a curiosity). I especially like to be sure I read as many of the threads relating to SQL Server as I can. At the end of a month (or whenever), I use a feature of the UT that I'm not sure many users of that forum know about. What I do is the following...

  • Click on the Calendar button near the top of the browser.
  • Change the forum to Microsoft SQL Server
  • Change the month to whatever month I'm reviewing.
  • Click on Search
  • Then click on "Display all the messages in a map format."

When you do the above, all of the threads discussed during the month selected appear in the top frame in your browser. You can review which threads you may have missed during the month. Incidentally, if you try this in the Visual FoxPro forum, you do not have the option to display all the messages in a map format. My guess is there are too many messages in that forum for this to be available.

Anyway, this is a little something I do to help me continue to learn as much as I can about SQL Server.